GOTS certified organic qualities

organic embroidery - Made in Germany by Modespitze

Modespitze welcomes you to the environmentally friendly and sustainable world of creative embroidery and lace.

We are now able to support you to create glamorous and stylish fashion that is in line with one of the highest organic textile standards (GOTS).

Ethical and sustainable sourcing of exceptionally fashionable textiles is coming true!


butterfly - lace in organic CO (kbA)
butterfly - lace in organic CO (kbA) sophisticated textiles can care

Embroidery offers style and emotions for fashion. And therefore always a creative process is needed.

Beside our collections we offer all our clients the possibility of designing new styles or artworks as well as sourcing and coloring new materials and fabrics. Furthermore we work with established fabrics of our clients too.

And our designers constantly develop new ornamental, geometric and floral creations that are presented twice a year.


floral net embroidery
floral net embroidery organic bridal collection

Embroidery and embroidered lace for womenswear, fashion accessories, Prêt-à-Porter, bridal and lingerie

Since embroidery and lace may be realized and used in many variations, our collection varies also according to ground qualities, sizes, forms and materials.

Below you find a matrix as regards diversification that we offer to our clients.

For access to our present collection, further deatils or requests please contact us !

organic collection includes i.e.

  • embroidered jersey
  • embroidered net, tulle and mesh
  • several embroidered woven grounds like voile, satin, chiffon, gaze, kattun and so on
  • also as embroidery anglaise (hole embroidery)
  • as well fine embroidered lace (guipure, macramé, bobbin lace)

organic and vegan base materials used

  • organic cotton (kbA)
  • organic wool (kbT)
  • organic linen (kbA)
  • and organic peace silk (kbT)

size and forms of above qualities

  • allover and volants
  • galons
  • stripes and bands
  • applications and and motifs


If you have any questions or want to request a quote, please contact us by phone or mail!


Towards a world of organic textiles
Towards a world of organic textiles net embroidery in GOTS quality

We believe in making a difference by shifting towards organic textile standards and caring more for people, planet and prosperity.

Modespitze ORGANICS is both based on the rich tradition strongly founded in our roots by making finest embroidery and lace since 1897 as well as supporting sustained and slow fashion.

Our internal environmental policy takes care of several measures as regards reduction of waste, water and energy and is revised periodically. Modespitze works exclusively with 100% eco electricity from renewable sources with focus on hydropower.


Modespitze is GOTS certified
Modespitze is GOTS certified by CERES-0350

We did start with the first organic collection in 2015 after having done several years of research regarding materials and processes.

Modespitze is GOTS certified since mid 2016 for manufacturing embroidery and further processes. See also our entry in the GOTS database and more general information as regards the standard at the GOTS website.

Here are some key facts about the GOTS-textile standard:
- except in the USA, the wording "organic" is not legally defined and may stand for the use of organic fibres only (only USA legally defines "organic" with GOTS Standard)
- GOTS guarantees not only the (frequently controlled) use of organic fibres, but an observance of high ethical and environmental standards too
- only the GOTS-standard offers a fully certified transparent textile supply chain from field to fashion (all listed in the GOTS database)
- it is a non-private and independent standard, NGO conform and already worldwide recognized

Or download [1.083 KB] the GOTS flyer and get more detailed information about caring all steps from field to fashion.

The video below will give you also a short introduction (via YouTube).

GOTS standard simply explained on YouTube

ABOUT Modespitze Plauen

Organic cotton lace (kbA) at Modespitze manufactor
Organic cotton lace (kbA) at Modespitze manufactor photo: Ellen Liebner | Branchenverband

Today we manufacture finest lace in 4th generation inside our family based business. Our roots go back to year 1897 when the 1st generation did start making sophisticated embroidery and lace near the city of Plauen, where these embroidery and lace making technologies were mainly developed from 1880 and later on.

Till today all procedures and processes are fully made in our Plauen manufactory in Germany. We work with old German and new Swiss machines, excellent know-how and a lot of manual work too.

Sophisticated staff for crafting and design guarantee high quality textiles for demanding clients in more than 11 countries.


Modespitze BLOG - about lace and more
Modespitze BLOG - about lace and more

More informations about lace culture and what we care about are weekly published on MODESPITZE BLOG (in German only).

We report on exhibitions, review books and give DIY instructions and much more. You will find reviews of trade fairs, participations, travels and business partnerships.

You will find Modespitze also on Instagram and Facebook.


Modespitze Plauen GmbH
Annenstr. 9
08523 Plauen

tel +49 - 3741 - 222554
fax +49 - 3741 - 222553

office hours Mo-Fr from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Please feel free to contact us!

spoken languages: English and German
further written languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese



Modespitze Plauen GmbH
Annenstrasse 9
08523 Plauen

(+49) 03741 – 222554

(+49) 03741 – 222553


VAT-ID: 811 438 700
court of registration: HRG Chemnitz HRB 8780
CEO: Andreas Reinhardt